St.Xavier's High School, Suryapet: History of the School

History of the School

on Sunday, August 2, 2009

Before 1974: After Fr. Balaish SJ became the first regional superior of Andhra region in November 1972, he was eager to start Telugu Medium school; in some important localities with the intention of promoting vocations locally one such desire is to have a Telugu Medium school in Suryapet with the hope to fulfill the people’s desire to start also an English Medium school in future. Therefore, with the approval and support of Bishop Beretta of happy memory of Warangal diocese (at that time Nalgonda was part of Warangal). He started to buy land in the outskirts of Suryapet. The present land was bought from Mr. Vidyasagar Reddy of Suryapet. In buying the land Mr. Thumma Papi Reddy of Vankamurthy and Mr. Rayanna, another Catholic from Anasipuraram were very very helpful to Fr. Balaiah. It must go in record in acknowledging our gratitude to Mr. T Papi Reddy in helping us to buy this land for our school. By May 1974 the land was bought.
From June 1974-May 1975: After buying the land Fr. Balaiaya appointed Fr. J Arakal and Br. P Balaswami to Suryapet to fence the land and to get ready the building for the future school. Both went and stayed in the parish at Suryapet for a short time. Then they started living in a rented house near the parish church with a separate cook. This lasted only for a short tiem. Meanwhile br. Balaswami built 6 thatched rooms in the land bought with toilet rooms outside separately. So both began to live in the thatched rooms with a cook for themselves. After a few months Arakal left the place on some other assignment. Br. Balaswami remained alone, dug a well, started some cultivation and did the fencing (Stone and Barbed wire) for part of the land.
June 1975- August 1976: In June 1975 Fr. S Antony and Br. Jebamalai were sent to Suryapet in the place of Br. Balaswamy to complete the fencing and to start building 8 rooms for the school. In course of time the fencing of the property and fixing the main gate was over. Building work of the school started after the foundation stone was laid in September 1975 by then collector and blessed by Fr. Balaiah (See the stone on the school building). Meanwhile a parents/ well wishing committee was formed with five members: T Papi Reddy, K. Koteswara Rao, Vidyasagar Reddy, Ramulu and Nursi Reddy. These people were of great help in many ways to finish building the necessary classrooms with asbestos and to get the students to start the school with classes 6, 7 and 8. Also they helped us to collect contributions from parents to run the school. We are very much indebted to these five people for their help to start the school. Of these five Mr. Ramulu and Mr. Nursi Reddy passed away. The other three are alive though not very much connected with school. The academic year of new school started on 1st July 1976 with class 6, 7 and 8. Meanwhile a separate building with asbestos was built next to the thatched rooms as Telugu Vidyalaya, (the present Staff quarters). So in June 1976 a few scholastics (Non-Telugus) came to Suryapet as students of Telugu Vidyalaya. Scholastic D.Showraiah came as a regent to help in the school and small hostel. In August 1974 Fr. Anthony left for Telugu study in Rentachintala and then to Sitagarha for tertianship. Br. Jebamalai left in May 1976 for some other assignment. In S. Anthony’s place Fr. Elias took up the charge of the campus works from August 1976.


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D Sudheer Reddy said...

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I am V. Ram Reddy of 1983 batch. I have been left from school above 33 years.I had so many memories with old student of before and after batches.It's a good news for us there are so many changes in school campus like play ground, hostel etc.

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